In 2013, 11,539 high school graduates wrote exams to get into the public university. 10,328 candidates passed representing 89% pass rate but only 1,909 candidates were accepted into the public universities. This means that every year over 9,000 youth are denied the opportunity to get university education. Should their lives end there? In this program, we recruit young people to have hands-on training that may prepare them for job acquisition or business creation. This is also a platform where out of college graduates advance their careers by getting on-the-job training in various disciplines.  They participate in community service; life skills classes; one-on-one tutoring; academic enrichment courses; and arts activities. The youth are encouraged to avoid negative influences and focus on their academic and professional future. The programs focus on achievement has led to over 90% of the kids in the program transition into college or to vocational training institutions.