I was born and raised in a family of nine boys. I grew up in the capital city of Malawi, but currently does most of my work in the rural villages around the central region of Malawi. My aspiration is to see more educated young men and women from rural communities in Malawi where poverty and injustice is so high.  I live to provide more education opportunities to the disadvantage and providing education scholarship to the marginalized youth. I’m also a college professor with African Bible Colleges where I teach leadership, organizational management and business related courses.

My passionate about seeing young people achieving their dreams as they overcome their daily struggles living and growing up in tough conditions.  My heart had led him to work especially with the marginalized children and youth who are facing different kinds of abuse from the community and even from their families.  As a teenager, I went through many struggles to attain what I am today. It took the support from people who believed in him to achieve my dreams. I want to give back to marginalized children and youth in Malawi.

I hold a MSc in Leadership and Change Management from Leeds Beckett University (UK) and I am a PhD Candidate with Eastern University (USA)