welcome to rise malawi ministries

Our History

RiseMalawi Ministries was founded in 2008 by two Malawians with a passion for vulnerable children and a vision for transforming lives in rural Malawi. The country ranks 3rd poorest in the world with 55% of its population under the age of 18. RiseMalawi has grown to become a highly regarded non-profit Christian organization serving about 2,000 vulnerable children every year in the Madisi area.

Who We Are

RiseMalawi is a ministry founded and run my Malawians, Zamumtima (Za) Chijere and Tinashe Saka. We focus on marginalized people who are forgotten by society. We work with children who live in poverty. We reach out to girls who face not only discrimination when it comes to education, work and health, but also a cultural norm that allows child marriage and sexual and physical violence.